CPC Cover and Fascism

Madeleine Albright’s book Fascism, A Warning warns fascism has become fashionable in right-wing circles. She expresses dismay that in 2020 the subject of fascism has become prevalent in public discourse. Canadians must listen and take heed and be part of the conversation. The time to stand on guard is now.

Standing on Guard Against Fascism

The rise and popularity of right-wing nationalism, extremism and religious fundamentalism in the United States, Brazil, India, Europe, and Canada are very troubling. The last one hundred years reveal the danger of tipping the scales too far right leads to fascism. The word fascism conjures up all kinds of emotions when spoken in public, invoking Mussolini and Hitler and dictators and death camps. Italian fascism was born with Italian nationalism and a policy based on three principles; order, discipline, and hierarchy.

Sour Wine

This website will review and detail the symbolism and policies of the Conservative Party of Canada CPC. The report will endeavour to expose the CPC as a right-wing fascist party. Like wine, fascism can be intoxicating to the innocent and unexpected when served in sweet, dry and full-bodied bouquets. For the conscious connoisseur, the wine is sour.


Fascism has competing ideologies, but foremost it is a political tactic applying propaganda to seize and hold on to power for the sake of power. Propaganda, conspiracies and the bending and flipping truth upside down is a keystone. 1984 stipulates War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength renders the blueprints for fascism.

Propaganda is the weapon of choice concerning the right-wing. In 1932, Adolf Hitler informed Joseph Goebbels that he would promote Goebbels as director of the Ministry of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment. Goebbels envisioned an empire that would control schools, universities, film, radio, and propaganda. “The national education of the German people,” he wrote, “will be placed in my hands.

CPC Policy Handbook

The official 2020 CPC policy handbook entitled, Our County – a Call to Take Back Canada – True Blue Leadership conveys fascist symbolism with the cover page. Propaganda makes perfect use of symbolism to channel universals at the subconscious and conscious levels. Unity and division are the primary symbols and universals communicated in the political sphere.

The glossy cover of the CPC policy handbook portrays a militaristic Erin O’Toole dressed in an RCAF jacket. The opening salvo strikes with classic fascism, Our Country, A Call to Take Back our Country. It is an emotionally charged symbol communicating a militia call to action. It reeks as a symbol for division and stipulates order, discipline, and hierarchy. It attracts individuals and groups whose personal and world views align with these three universals; order, discipline, and hierarchy. Universals are two-sided coins. In the wrong hands, the law of unintended consequences will be in full spate.

CPC Cover and Fascism

The American MAGA cult and the GOP right-wing have shown the flip side of the coin. They have let the cat out of the bag, broadcasting hypocrisy live on cable TV. The GOP are fascists criminals who show no remorse, compassion, empathy and humanity for the proletarian. High above protect in glass pyramids, they display little thought for the proles who subjugate themselves to party members.

CPC party members mimic GOP hypocrisies in thought and deed and never criticize their American brethren. The CPC persevere in silence with his antics and shenanigans during his candidacy, presidency, and post-presidency.


The right-wing fabric has a checked past. The current variations are the size, colour, and texture of their cloth and signia. A vote for the CPC is a vote for division and the road to fascism. Madeleine Albright warns everyone who will listen, and now you are officially warned.

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