The GOP – Fascist Party of America

I do not fight fascists because I will win. I fight fascists because they are fascists. Chris Hedges

The conspiracy of the mainstream media of the last five years, in particular, is the deflection and dismal reporting on fascism and fascist. The very mention of the words fascism and fascist seems to be taboo other than when used in a hyperbole tone.

Madeleine Albright suggests in her book Fascism: A Warning, fascism should perhaps be viewed less as a political ideology than as a means for seizing and holding power. Albright’s views are in agreement with Jason Stanley’s book How Fascism Works. The Politics of Us and Them details the ten pillars of fascism.

This week at the CPAC had its annual convention, and with years of corruption, the GOP has broadcast their true colours. The GOP is officially the Fascist Party of America.

Now is time to educate and inform yourself that fascism is alive and well.

And I Did Not Speak Out

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