The Age of Humpty Dumpty

To Holden, Montag, John and Winston, your words and thoughts are etched in my soul. Thank you for letting me know I am alive.

The age of Humpty Dumpty was in full spate. With a descent down a New York escalator, Jabberwocky became the official language of the global village. Spin doctors operated on the ignorant and gullible with impunity while eating caviar and drinking champagne. The new priesthood of celebrity promoted the culture of propaganda in exchange for a star on the Walk of Shame. The rabbit hole indeed goes deep. The smell and taste of fresh manure spewed with the constant flow of breaking news. The 24/7/365 cycle spun without respite. Opinion replaced knowledge as power eviscerated wisdom.

The Ministry of Truth operated on the cloud with a voluntary army of minions of every race, creed and colour killing goodness, beauty and truth. The 1984 prophecy was self-evident, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength. Holden was right people are phonies. There was no need to burn books as they became cluttered and pitched in the homes of the new class of self-proclaimed zen masters. 

The truth is we are all savages enslaved to our ego desperately wanting to belong and be heard in echo chambers and soon in a metauniverse where billionaires exercise their god complexes in old testament fashion.  

No, all of the king’s men could not put the world back together again, but in truth, it was never their Intention.