Vision – Mission – Core Statement

Live Your Being
Academy for Counterculture Solutions,
Metaphysical Awakening and Relative Consciousness

Immanuel Kant said that Metaphysics is always “keeping the human mind in suspense with hopes that never fade, and yet are never fulfilled,” that “while every other science is continually advancing,” in Metaphysics men “perpetually revolve around the same point, without gaining a single step”? (A History of Philosophy, Fredrick Copleston, S.J. Volume I Greece and Rome, Page 3)


A united world empowered with Goodness, Beauty and Truth.


To share, teach and apply Counter Culture Technologies and Nonpareil Art in the hope to Awaken the Metaphysics in every soul. As citizens of the Pale Blue Dot, we all have a birthright to Goodness Beauty and Truth. As ONE humankind can approach the Universal and harness the collective consciousness for Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.

Core Statement

Counterculture acknowledges the internet digital code establishes and permeates a client-server connection built on money, brain trust and power serving the Capitalist Fascist Paradigm. Dark Shadows empower the elite with a god complex utilizing their minions to divide the people with the two-minute hate. The goal is to misinform and make each soul completely obedient to believe 2+2=5. 

Neil Postman and Roger Waters postulate in words, prose and lyrics that the human race is Amusing Themselves to Death. Terence McKenna warns us that culture is not our friend. The culture of celebrity ensures that we buy into the propaganda of the material world of vice over virtue. 

Marshall McLuhan expressed that we shape our tools, and then our tools shape us. It is a vicious merry-go-round without remedy. He suggests the only cure is saturation and reiterates that the critical thinker learns the technology not to turn it on but to turn it off.


Many are enslaved and rejoice in the bliss of ignorance. In contrast, few live with courage and freedom in the knowledge, For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.

Universal Dynamics


We live in a fascist construct. America leads the way. In short fascism is control, obedience and power. Mussolini structured fascism on order, discipline and hierarchy. We fight fascism not to win but because they are fascist. Chris Hedges.#stopfascism